Construction companies are judged on their ability to bring projects to fruition on cost, on schedule and with the final product meeting the requirements. The leadership and project managers at Coburn Contractors pride themselves in making every effort to bring our projects to completion on schedule and without increased funding limits.
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Current Projects
VAMC Clarksburg, WV - Community Building
Naval Base Kitsap, WA - Renovate BEQ
VAMC Bay Pines, FL - Construction of Modular Village
VAMC Lake City, FL - Laundry
VAMC Walla Wall, WA - B78 Basement Renovation
ALNG Dannelly Field, AL - A/C Addition to B1201
Naval Base Kitsap - Boiler Control Retrofit
VAMC Tuscaloosa - Emergency Parking Lot Phones
Gulf Coast IDIQ - Replace Flooring
VAMC Montgomery, AL - Renovate Urgent Care
ALNG Birmingham, AL - Repair Storm Drains

Current MATOCs / IDIQ
VISN 7 (AL, SC) VISN 22 (CA)
VISN 8 (FL) VISN 21 (CA)
VISN 9 (TN) VISN 23 (MN, ND, SD, IA, NE)
VISN 17 (TX) Hawaii MACC
VA Gulf Coast IDIQ (AL, MS, LA, FL) INNG

Completed Projects
VAMC Gainesville, FL - Upgrade Walk-in Coolers & Freezers
ALNG Dannelly Field, AL - Replace Boiler
VAMC Columbia, SC - B9 Lab Renovation
Naval Base Kitsap, WA - MLA Perimeter Lighting
VAMC Gainesville - Upgrade Domestic Water Feed
Gulf Coast IDIQ - Correct Med Gas Deficiency, B26 Chiller Connection, Replace Boilers, Install Med
Room Cameras, Sewer Connection, Footbridge Repair, Install Water Meters
VAMC Gainesville, FL - Waterline Repair
VAMC Columbia, SC - Repair B22 Egress Stairs
VAMC Biloxi - Landscape and Covered Walkway
VAMC Alexandria, LA - Facility Sustaining Generators
VAMC Tuscaloosa, AL - Repair Elevators
VAMC Birmingham, AL - Replace Roofs Phase III
ALNG - Demolish Buildings 1101 and 1306
VAMC Orlando, FL - Correct Mechanical Deficiencies
Panama City, FL - Build Perimeter Road
VAMC Lake City, FL - Correct Security Deficiencies
VAMC Birmingham - Correct Electrical Safety Deficiencies
VAMC Birmingham - Repair Smoke and Fire Wall Penetrations
VAMC Dublin, GA - Upgrade Emergency Electrical System
VAMC Dublin, GA - Connect 500T Chiller
VAMC Birmingham, AL - Expand OR 11
VA Cemetery Biloxi, LA - Replace Committal Shelter
VAMC Tuskegee, AL - HVAC Replacement
VAMC Columbia, SC - Freedom Health Center
VAMC Gainesville, FL - Renovate GYN Clinic
VAMC Columbia, SC - Waterproof B8
VAMC Orlando, FL - Landscape and Parking Upgrades
Audie Murphy VAMC - Employee Parking Garage
USACE MOTSU - Lightning Protection
USACE VAMC Dublin, GA - Building 8 HVAC Replacement
VAMC Birmingham, AL - Design-Build Increase Medicine Beds
VAMC Dublin, GA - Design-Build Nursing Home/Community Living Center